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01:02am 05/04/2005

i would write more but nothing is new and i have nothing to say.

01:11am 17/02/2005
  i feel like i havent updatedd in forever. im hateing it here at home. the sooner i leave the beter. my mom is driving me crazy and i just try and blow things off and not make a big deal but it is a big deal to me. paying $400 for rent? now this is crazy and i donr understand. i dont know if i should say something. i dont want to make things horrible. she tells me that its because i did so bad last semester and that i need some consequences for throwing away my money. and for that she makes me pay even more money??? this doesnt make sense to me.

i told you about that old school punk rocker kid that i met at arbys like forever ago didnt i? well, i talked to him online the other night and he wants to hang out. and he was tellimg me how beautiful i am and all that shit. it was creepy and i dont think im going to hang out with him.

how are you doing?

im loving working at naturalizer. im already opening all by myself. but i still have to learn all the names and where to find them in the back room. im getting there gradually.

so there is this guy that works at arbys with me. his name is gustavo and hes probably around 25 years old. looks like he is in his early 30s though. but anyway.. last night i closed woth him and richard. gustavo kept grabing me and hugging me. he normally teases everyone and throws things and all but isnt physical. but last night was. it was weirrrd. he would pull me in and hug me and kiss me on the head or cheek. then we were all done and richard was doing all the stuff on the computer so i sat at the break table and put my head down. and gustavo gave me a massage for like ever and was playing with my hair and would put his face by mine and all that stuff. it was really awkward. he is not my type at all. i would never even think of him as anything more than a fellow employee... crazy.

well, im tired.

miss you.